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About Us

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Our History

In 1962 at a P&C meeting of the Loftus St Special School, Arncliffe, parents were advised that under policy then followed by the Department of Education, pupils at special schools were not permitted to remain at school after their 16th birthday.

This prompted a group of dedicated parents and friends to form the Loftus St Post School Centre which subsequently later became St George Special Industries.

Our Arncliffe office

In early 1964 a sheltered workshop was opened with eight trainees. By 1966 the need for expansion was obvious and after much fundraising, hard work and a small government grant, a new building was opened on the Arncliffe site, which we still occupy today.

Since that time hundreds of people with intellectual disabilities have benefited from being able to work and socialise in an environment which provides them with the opportunity to develop their individual skills and achieve their full potential.

The Intellectual Disability Foundation

of St George

St George Special Industries transitioned to The Intellectual Disability of St George on the 28th of October 1988.

The Business Division of the Foundation was changed from SGSI to Ascalon Enterprises on the 2nd of December 2011.

The Intellectual Disability of St George is a registered charity funded by the Commonwealth Department of Social Services to provide supported employment for 164 people with a disability.  

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