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Ascalon Enterprises is a division of The Intellectual Disability Foundation of St George and was established to help people with disabilities find work.

Ascalon Enterprise Kogarah strives to provide opportunities and training to student or individual in a supported employment environment around

  • Reception/Administration Duties

  • Packaging Processes

  • Machine Operations

  • Warehousing Operations

  • Leading Hand Duties

  • Canteen Operations

  • General Packaging

  • Skill development by internal and external training and support

  • Participating in career planning and development

  • Work ethics and socialization skills

Skills you can learn in packinging

At Ascalon Enterprises you can learn a range of skills to provide packing solutions for our customers:

  • Shrink wrapping

  • Hygiene standards

  • Cap sealing

  • Dating & labelling

  • Tamper-free sealing

  • Fork lift driving

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Our facilities

Our site at 50 Beach Street, Kogarah which is temperature-controlled with a comfortable, hygienic working environment.

We also have dedicated staff to help with training or to answer any questions.

Our facilities include:

  • On-site reasonably priced canteen

  • Personal lockers

  • Laundered dust jackets

Services and Equipment

With over 50 years experience, Ascalon Enterprises has the expertise to provide the best packing solution for customers.

We provide a range of services including capping and labelling service for all types of products including corrective labelling, repacking and capping.

Our range of specialised equipment:

  • Heat tunnel shrink wrapping machine.

  • Cap sealing equipment - box sealing, dating, labelling machine.

  • Tamper free sealing machines.

Packing to Retail Standard

We are well recognised in packing high volume food products to retail standards.


Our quality control is such that our food products are packed and endorsed for direct access by retail outlets.

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        Contact: Paul Cooper


Phone: 02 8566 2800

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