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Participants must find their way to and from the Activity Hub.

What activities will the Hub offer?

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Arts and Craft

Exercise Programs





Activities of your Choice!

Arncliffe Activity Hub

The establishment of the Arncliffe Activity Hub in 2018, will provide a range of person-centred activities for individuals attending the program.

The Arncliffe Activity Hub will:

  • Provide activities that will nurture the development of enjoying life through recreational and social skills.

  • Target the development of independence through a range of age specific and educational activities.

  • Promote the development of skills in a range of areas of interest.

IDF Activity Hub is a service where you can take part in a range of programs in the community from, recreation, social, building independent skills in a centre-based approach.


Arncliffe Activity Hub

Things to know

The Activity Hub is open

Mondays to Fridays from 9am to 3pm.

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Activities or programs will incur an extra fee e.g. movies, events admission fees etc.

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Individual and Group skills training

Cooking with 1:2 support

Centre Based Skill Development

IDF understands the necessity in building and developing skills in a fun and educational environment that can be used in everyday life. With this in mind, IDF Arncliffe will be undertaking cooking and basic computer skills, encouraging participants to participate.


In time IDF Arncliffe aims to incorporate other skill building activities such as a Learn to Swim program or Being Independent within the Community.

IDF Connect

IDF Connect is our latest program to open for those who want to connect within the community, independently from family or to connect with others with similar needs.


IDF Connect is on Saturday and has spaces for 9 participants only.

IDF Connect
Support Co-ordination

Support Co-ordination

IDF St George Support Co-ordination provides connection and co-ordination of your supports, within the local community.

IDF will support you to manage your supports objectively.

It is about you and partnering with services able to fulfil your needs, to participate in the community.

IDF St George Support Coordinators will:

  • Partner with you, with integrity and respect

  • Work together towards implementing your NDIS plan goals

  • Support you to participate fully and equally in your NDIS plan.

  • IDF has knowledge and experience in the St George and Sutherland community.

Support Co-ordinator



        Contact: Janet Thorley


Phone: 02 8566 2800

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